Sean Hannity Reportedly Talking to Russia’s RT About New Show


If there was ever any doubt that Sean Hannity was simply a mouthpiece for Vladimir Putin and his drive to weaken the West, that doubt seems to have been completely diminished now. The Fox News talk show host, who oftentimes dabbles in conspiracy theories, while also seemingly toeing President’s Trump’s line, may be on his way out of Fox.

Before those on the left rejoice at the fact that there will be one less conspiracy theorist out there, this news is actually not good at all. According to reports coming to us from Pesach Lattin, a former member of the Secret Service as well as a independent counter-intelligence officer, within the last week Sean Hannity has met with representatives of the Russian news organization, RT. In a tweet yesterday afternoon, Lattin made the following statement:

“Breaking: @seanhannity met with Russia Today executives this past week about a possible show on RT. The Russians want to own the GOP.”

We reached out to Lattin to try and obtain the source of this information. All that he was willing to tell us is that he has contacts within Fox News who he knows very well, and they have told him that “everyone there knows it [the meeting] happened.”

Based out of Moscow, RT is funded by the Russian Government, and is exactly what it sounds like, State-run media. RT has the habit of reporting with a slant based on what Putin and the Kremlin want the narrative to be within Russia, as well as the rest of the world. Sean Hannity seems like he’d fit in very well at RT, given the fact that he has done nothing but deflate and deflect the whole Trump/Russia narrative for the past 11 months.

Hannity’s annual income is estimated at $29 million, meaning that it would likely take a heck of a lot of money to get him to leave Fox News. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, comes out of these meetings and if Hannity will eventually reply to the numerous emails we have sent him in regard to these allegations.