Trump Jr. & Eric Trump are Reportedly Jealous of Kushner


If the Russia scandal wasn’t enough for the Trump family, perhaps a good ole’ family feud will be. According to People magazine, there apparently is some resentment and jealously being held by the eldest sons of President Donald Trump toward Jared Kushner. Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are said to be jealous of President Trump’s son-in-law over the amount of attention he is receiving from both the media and their father since inauguration.

“All the attention to Jared is a bit of a sore point and they feel left out of the fun in D.C.,” a family friend told People. “They miss being at the center of the action.”

Of course, Eric and Donald Jr. were both major players in Donald Trump’s businesses over the past several years, and they even played a huge role in campaigning for the presidency. However, since inauguration, they have had to keep their distances of sorts. While Jared Kushner, the husband of Ivanka Trump, gets to work from the West Wing of the White House, the Trump sons are left back in New York to run their father’s businesses.

Just yesterday, we reported that Donald Trump Jr. has been “miserable” according to a family friend. Perhaps the main reason for this, in addition to the fact that he is now being tied to a meeting that took place between the Trump campaign and Russians, is that he is resenting the position of Kushner to some extent.

One has to wonder how and why this information is leaking out to People magazine and other media outlets. Is Donald Trump Jr. intentionally having a friend leak these details to the press, in hopes of indirectly getting his father’s attention? We probably won’t ever know for sure, but the combination of stress from the ongoing investigations of their father, and the fact that they have been forced to take a back seat to their brother-in-law, seems to be creating at least a little tension between Eric, Donald Jr. and the elder Trump.