The Last 24 Hours Were Horrific For Trump — Here’s Why


There is no denying the the Trump Presidency is in a bad place right now. The President is in the midst of what is the most comprehensive investigation into a sitting President and those surrounding him that we have ever seen.  On top of this, his own party can’t even come to an agreement on an issue that they have been obsessed with for 8 years, healthcare. We have seen a lot of negative press on President Trump over the past six months, however the last 24 hours have simply been horrific for the 45th President of the United States. Here’s the rundown:

Mueller Is Now Investigating Trump’s Finances and Business Dealings
On Wednesday, in a New York Times interview, the President seemed to draw a red line in the middle of the Mueller Investigation. He basically suggested that his red line would be crossed if Mueller and his team began an investigation into his finances. Well, just 24 hours later it was announced, via a leak, that Mueller was in fact investigating Trump’s finances. Specifically they are looking into his SoHo development with Russian associates, the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow and his sale of a Florida mansion to a Russian oligarch in 2008.

Trump Orders Aides to Dig up Dirt/Conflicts on Mueller and His Investigators
It already seemed as if we were perhaps days away from Trump attempting to relieve Mueller of his duties, when news broke from the Washington Post that the President has asked his aides to begin looking for dirt and possible conflicts of interest he could use to discredit Mueller as well as the prosecutors and investigators he has hired. One would imagine that such attempts by the Trump administration would either be to find an excuse as to why they had him fired, or provide the Deputy Attorney General, Rosenstein with enough material for him to rationalize such a firing.

Trump And His Lawyers Look Into Pardon Powers
As you likely know, the President has vast pardon powers. After all, Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon, who never saw even a single day in a court room. According to reports, the President and his aides are now looking into just how vast those pardon powers may be. According to sources close to the White House, Trump’s team is investigating whether he can pardon his family members, his staff, and even himself.

Trump Legal Team Chaos
CBS is reporting that Mark Kasowitz, Trump’s lead lawyer in the Russia investigation will be taking a significantly reduced role. The spokesman for the President’s legal team, Mark Corallo has also resigned.

It appears as if Trump himself realizes that the walls are closing in on him and is now looking at ways to utilize his powers as President to discredit, possibly fire and intimidate his way out of what looks to be quite a legal mess.  An innocent man would simply allow the investigations to go on unimpeded, while welcoming the conclusion.  While I’m not saying Trump is guilty of anything, his actions over the last 24 hours alone signal that he’s afraid of the outcome of Mueller’s investigation.