Is This Trump Game too Controversial For The Internet?


While we of course never would encourage any kind of violence in politics, especially not towards a sitting U.S. President, there will always be people who want to take their frustrations towards the President out in a much less violent, yet still controversial way.

Recently, a man named Justin Hook developed a game which has just gone viral. The game’s name, which borrows from President Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan, is called ‘Push Trump Off a Cliff Again.’ The game, which is incredibly simplistic, has been played a staggering 4,555,879 times, and that number continues to soar as it’s shared via numerous social media platforms.

Players of the game control President Trump’s movement with the shift(run) and spacebar(jump) keys on their keyboards, and with the right and left arrow keys. Players can either move the President closer to the cliff or farther away from it. When the President gets too close to the edge, he falls, as he says something like “I’m Really Rich,” or ‘Bye.’

For those who get bored of constantly making the President plunge off a cliff, Hook has also added in a few other environments. Trump can also be led into a smoldering volcano, a New York City sewer, or through a jungle where a T-Rex devours him.

While we are sure there will be numerous complaints from individuals who claim that such a game breeds actual violence, there is no denying that ‘Push Trump Off A Cliff Again‘ is an awesome time waster for those bored at work.  Perhaps if you waste enough time playing, you will accomplish as much as the President has in his first six months in office.