Major Trump/Russia News Coming July 27th — According to 4Chan


While we don’t at all want to suggest that everything heard on 4Chan is fact, a specific date has been thrown around on the anonymous message board for close to a month now. This date, July 27, seems to be used by pro-Trump users as a date in which the entire Trump/Russia investigation will reach a major turning point.

It all started back in late June when a 4chan user, claiming to be an anonymous White House source, made a statement which garnered a vast amount of attention among Trump supporters. The message read as follows:

As the President seems to be digging himself into a deeper and deeper hole, reportedly considering firing special counsel Robert Mueller, while also attacking his own Attorney General Jeff Sessions earlier this week, Trump supporters are looking at this date as a good thing for the President, not a bad thing, like many Americans would assume.

This same ‘White House Anon’ account also posted the following message on July 12:

“Remember what I said about the slingshot effect. They are pushing so hard and we are leaving breadcrumbs so they can pull harder on that slingshot. On the 27th of July everything will backfire. During the Clinton Presidency, there were legitimate accusations that the right side claimed that the Clinton administration has done. The Clinton’s were very smart by pulling off the pull strategy. Basically take the truth of the crime and stretching it so far that it sounds like a wacky conspiracy. This was the Ring of Fire Theory during the Clinton administration. Same things like this child trafficking theory that I see here and there on this site. Revisit the theories of the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administration and be a little more objective and realistic on the theories. Revisit Wikileaks, google the theories, and connect the dots.”

These posts lead to all sorts of conspiracy theories, which would require the President to have been thinking way ahead of everyone else on these issues; something many Americans would assume is not possible. One such theory posted by a Trump supporter is that Obama and Clinton are ready to get indicted on a crime and that Trump doesn’t want it to appear as if he’s attacking his political opponents, and thus has decided to attack Jeff Sessions. These attacks therefore distanced himself from the DOJ as they get ready to pounce on the former President and Hillary Clinton.

4chan users seem to idolize this ‘White House Anon’ account, and discussion about the June 27 date has boiled over onto the controversial Reddit board, ‘The_Donald’.  The date has come to signify an almost magical turning point where Trump is vindicated and all of his enemies brought to justice.  Frankly, we have no basis to prove that the account is not just some random 400 pound guy in their mother’s basement trying to cause havoc.  With that said, July 27 is only days away and we will all soon find out if the date actually does have any meaning.

One thing is for sure.  On July 27, either Trump will be vindicated of possible crimes or thousands of Trump supporters who have been relying on this date in order to save face, will be disappointed.  We will know in just a few days!