Jill Stein Included in Trump/Russia Probe – Explodes on Twitter


If you are a Democrat then you may have a tiny bit of animosity towards 2016 Green Party candidate, Dr. Jill Stein. While belittling Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, she also may have been the deciding factor in the Presidential election, siphoning off enough votes by Democrats to give the victory to Donald Trump last November.

While a dinner photo of Dr. Stein, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and Russian President Vladimir Putin did spark rumors that perhaps her connections to the Kremlin were a bit too tight, up until this week, her name has remained out of any discussion related to the Trump/Russia Investigation. That’s until the Senate Judiciary Committee requested documents from Donald Trump Jr. related to any conversations he had with a laundry list of individuals and entities. One of those individuals happened to be Dr. Jill Stein.

In and of itself, the very fact that her name appeared on this list of 41 individuals and entities, isn’t necessarily an indication that she played a role in any collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russian officials. However, her Twitter rant over the last few days sounds more like one by Donald Trump than one by a respected doctor. Her string of tweets on Friday, July 21 could be summed up in one word, ‘Trumpian’:

“Unlike corporate media I’m focusing on real issues, but I have a few things to say about the latest in this McCarthyist witch hunt.”

“Surprise, surprise: Team Clinton, which created Russia narrative to cover their failures, is now leading chants of ‘Lock her up’.”

“The notion I communicated with Trump Jr is laughable. This whole thing is an obvious smear designed to generate a fake news feeding frenzy.”

“Unlike the Clintons, I don’t hang out with Trumps. I’ve never been to a Trump wedding, never took Trump money, no secret Trump calls.”

“Unlike the Dems, I didn’t sabotage Bernie Sanders in the primaries, then try to cover my tracks with ludicrous Russia conspiracy theories.”

“If Dem elites want to waste their time with conspiracy theories, that’s on them. We’re busy organizing a grassroots party for the people.”

First of all, the whole Trump/Russia investigation is far from a conspiracy theory. In fact we now have proof that Donald Trump Jr. attempted to collude with Russian officials in order to get dirt on the DNC and Hillary Clinton. Second of all, someone of Stein’s standing seems to have awfully thin skin. After all, A bipartisan committee has called for Trump Jr.’s communications with her, not just the Democrats. If this was just her getting wrapped into some major conspiracy, all she has to do is wait a few months for her name to be cleared. Instead she immediately decided to lash out at Democrats.

Whether the Committee has added Stein to the list because they have information pointing to a possible back channel between the Trump Campaign and Stein, or if it’s simply because she was seen meeting with Putin and Flynn back in 2015, is anyone’s guess. With that said, the Twitter rant that Stein set off on this last Friday was quite a surprise.