Trump Files Forms to Import & Hire Foreign Workers


Over and over again, we have heard President Trump demand that American companies hire and employ American workers. While some companies have followed the President’s demands in trying to minimize their employment of foreign workers, some companies have completely ignored President Trump’s call to action.

One such company is Donald Trump’s very own Trump National Golf Club Jupiter, the Trade name of the President’s Jupiter, Florida-based Country Club and Golf Course.

In a form filed with the U.S. Department of Labor (Job Order Record – Case H-400-17186-769750), Trump’s company is specifically looking to hire 6 foreign born “cooks” to work in the kitchen of his club between the dates of October 1, 2017 and May 31, 2018. The filing of this application was made earlier this month on July 5, and it was accepted by the Department of Labor on July 20. Those cooks whom Trump is looking to hire will make a wage of just $13.34/hour.

If you think that hiring 6 foreign cooks for $13.34 per hour was bad enough, it gets even worse. A day prior to this filing, the same Trump country club filed another form H-2B looking to hire 10 servers at a $11.88/hr wage.

This is nothing new for Trump-owned companies. The list of H-2B (non-agricultural) and H-2A (agricultural) applications that his companies have filed over the years is rather large (H-2A and H-2B visas are temporary work visas which allow employees to hire seasonal foreign national employees). Just as recently as this past February, Trump Vineyard Estates in Virginia filed an H-2A looking to hire 23 foreign “farmworkers and laborers” at an hourly wage of just $11.27 per hour.

Another common theme on these applications filed by Trump companies, is that the employees being hired do not need any training and there are absolutely no educational requirements, meaning the cooks in Trump’s Jupiter country club may have no previous knowledge of how to cook or how to maintain food safety. ┬áIt kind of makes you think twice about eating there.

So next time Trump talks about hiring American workers, think about all of the foreign workers he is hiring for his own businesses in order to generate more revenue for himself.