Pat Buchanan: “We are on the road to the Saturday Night Massacre”


Sean Hannity, recently had special guest Pat Buchanan on his show. Buchanan, a republican who was an adviser, speech writer and special assistant to Richard Nixon during his final days of the Watergate scandal, knows a thing or two about Presidents facing impeachment. He also knows a thing or two about how special counsels such as Robert Mueller are prone to act in investigations similar to the one that President Trump is involved in.

With Buchanan in the Nixon White House, an event known as the “Saturday Night Massacre” took place on October 20, 1973, the day in which President Richard Nixon ordered his Attorney General to fire special prosecutor Archibald Cox. That day will live in infamy.

In Buchanan’s interview with Sean Hannity, he informed viewers that he feels as though President Trump and Special Counsel Robert Mueller are set up for a collision course, and that it will ultimately lead to a modern-day version of the Saturday Night Massacre.

“I do think that the special counsel’s office is targeting the President,” Buchanan told Hannity. “I think they are gonna go on and on and roll over one rock after another after another until the President says, ‘I’ve had enough!’. And then we are right on the road — a familiar one to me — to the Saturday Night Massacre.”

Buchanan then went on to explain that he doesn’t believe Trump has the authority to fire Mueller, and that he doesn’t believe that the Deputy Attorney General would do it himself if asked by the President.

“During the Saturday Night Massacre, we (Nixon administration) tried to shut down the special prosecutor’s office, and they revived it and they got Jaworski a new special prosecutor,” Buchanan continued.

What is even more interesting is that Buchanan believes that the special counsel will “have something on the President”, in terms of crimes committed, and that Trump will be faced with the decision of what to do when it comes to removing or keeping Mueller in┬áhis position as Special Counsel. “I don’t see how this ends well,” Buchanan stated.

What is almost comical, is that Sean Hannity continues to bring up the fact that Mueller has appointed former Clinton lawyers to his team of prosecutors. He acts as though this is sabotage of some sort, but in reality it is very similar to what the special prosecutor did in investigating Richard Nixon. They hired former Kennedy attorneys to head up the investigation.

Think about this for a moment. When a suspect is thought to have been involved in a crime, and a prosecutor is appointed to build a case, is there anything wrong with appointing a prosecutor who is seen as an enemy of the suspect? Absolutely not. That’s what the court systems, and in the case of impeachment, the Senate, is used for. The prosecutors are the ones who argue against the suspect, not those who decide the fate of the suspect. It is the job of the prosecutors and special counsel to build a case against the defendant (in this case President Trump — if warranted). It’s not their job to be friends with the President. For some reason Sean Hannity has a difficult time understanding this.

Regardless, if in fact Buchanan is correct, and Trump and Mueller are on a collision course, we are certainly in for some interesting times in the weeks, months and perhaps years ahead.

The full interview with Buchanan can be seen below