Colbert Actually Found Possible Evidence of Trump ‘Pee Tape’


By now, most Americans have heard about the Chistopher Steele dossier which alleges that President Trump not only colluded with Russia but also that Russian President Vladimir Putin holds blackmail material against him. While many debates have ensued over whether the dossier could actually be accurate or not, it does seem as though more and more elements of it have been corroborated as time has gone on. One element which will be hard to prove, without help from Vladimir Putin himself, is probably the most salacious of them all — the alleged report that Putin is holding a video tape of Donald Trump inviting prostitutes back to his Ritz Carlton hotel room and asking them to urinate on a bed. Apparently this was the bed that President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle had previously slept on.

For those of you who watch The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, you have probably concluded that #1) Colbert is a super funny guy and #2) he isn’t exactly a Trump supporter. Colbert recently had the opportunity to travel to Moscow and St. Petersburg for his special report on “Russia Week”. In doing so, he was granted the privilege of staying in the same Moscow Ritz Carlton that Trump allegedly was recorded in with the aforementioned “urinating prostitutes”. Not only that, but Colbert got to stay in the exact same 10-room Presidential Suite that Trump stayed in.

Colbert invited surveillance expert Andrei Soldatov to visit the room with him, and what started out as somewhat of a joke turned into something much more serious.

“You come to the room everybody talks about thinking it is funny to look for hidden cameras, until it is not,” Soldatov told The Daily Beast. “Things turned out to be serious. When we entered Trump’s former bedroom, I suggested that Colbert and I look for the surveillance cameras behind the large mirror and to our astonishment we discovered an electric cable, which could not have any clear purpose, as the mirror had no electronic illumination.”

While this was fishy in and of itself, since there was no apparent reason to explain why an electric cable would be located behind a standard, non-electric mirror, things got even more interesting for Colbert and Soldatov.

“Colbert broke an ashtray, which the crew had brought with them—and immediately the phones began to ring in the suite,” Soldatov explained. “The receptionist said that some ‘alarm button’ was activated, warning there was something in the room—that was very weird.”

It isn’t unlike Putin, nor anyone who has previously worked for the KGB — like Putin did — to video tape famous individuals in hopes of potentially using the footage as blackmail material at a later date. It’s been done before and certainly will be done again. The question that must be answered though, is whether or not the Steele Dossier’s claim that Putin holds video blackmail over the head of President Trump, is an accurate one or not. Only time will tell.