Scaramucci was Just Offered $500,000 By An Adult Webcam Company


Although Anthony Scaramucci may have lost his job, his wife and even missed the birth of his newborn in order to serve as President Trump’s communications director for 10 days, things may be looking up for the foul-mouthed, middle-aged gentleman. One of the world’s leaders in adult webcam entertainment, CamSoda, has just offered the latest Trump departure a job which actually doesn’t sound all that terrible.

I’m sure many of you are thinking right now, “this must be some publicity stunt on the part of CamSoda, offering Scaramucci a position as one of the performers,” but CamSoda is actually offering him his old position back, communications director. Instead of being in charge of the President’s daily banter with the press, he would be overseeing the adult webcam company’s communications with their viewers. The offer? Up to $500,000!

Darren Press, Vice President of CamSoda sent the following letter to Scaramucci on Monday:

“I want to extend my condolences for being relieve of your duties as communications director. We really appreciate your direct and colorful language and I would like to officially extend an offer for you to work for CamSoda in a similar role — serving as CamSoda’s Communications Director.”

“Similar to your previous role, you’ll be required to give daily press briefings on an assortment of topics ranging in material — everything from the positives of safe sex to the best positions for people to try to even a quick rundown of upcoming shows that will be offered on our platform, touting the impressive roster of models we have,” Press wrote. “Before you dismiss this offer, consider that we receive millions of visitors each and every day and your broadcasts will be viewed by fans spanning not just the entire country, but also the entire globe. In return for your service, we will compensate you up to $500,000. If interested, we can flesh out the specifics and set up an office at the CamSoda headquarters.”

So far there has been no response to the recruitment letter from CamSoda by Scaramucci, but perhaps he’s just taking some time off to consider his future.