It Appears Putin & Trump Helped Create the Seth Rich Hoax


By now most of our readers have heard about the unfortunate Seth Rich hoax which was pushed hard by the far-right and many reporters at Fox News, before the network announced that they were pulling the story. Still though, Sean Hannity of Fox News continued to run with the conspiracy theory, as did many other right-wing media outlets.

Just yesterday, it was reported that a lawsuit was filed by a former Fox News contributor, named Rod Wheeler, claiming that he was misquoted by others on Fox News about the Seth Rich story, and that President Trump himself reviewed the story before giving Fox the OK to go live with it. The lawsuit claims that a wealthy Trump donor named Ed Butowsky was the one who was pushing Wheeler to spread the conspiracy theory, and that he spread false quotes on Wheeler’s behalf.

Now comes more intrigue, as former Sputnik News White House correspondent, Andrew Feinberg, made an announcement which seems, at least on the surface, to implicate Vladimir Putin himself as one of the conspirators in creating and pushing the Seth Rich story. If you are unaware, Sputnik is a Russian government-controlled news agency, with offices all over the globe. It has often been accused of being a “Russian propaganda outlet“.

Feinberg took to Twitter yesterday with the following tidbit of information:

“It wasn’t just Butowsky who wanted this false story pushed. Sputnik wanted me to ask the WH about it and fired me when I refused.”

While many knew about Feinberg’s dismissal from Sputnik and his opinion that his former employer is a propaganda machine, the allegations that he was fired for refusing to help spread, and bring to light, the bogus Seth Rich conspiracy theory, appears to mean one thing: Russia, like President Trump was trying to help push, spread and develop a Seth Rich story line that they knew certain media outlets would agree to publish. In America that was Fox News, and in Russia it was state-controlled Sputnik. So not only does it appear that President Trump may have colluded with Russia to help win the election, but it also appears that he is continuing to do so in order to divert attention from the Trump/Russia story line.

Back in June, Feinberg appeared on CNN discussing more about how the Sputnik news agency operated. In discussing his time at Sputnik, Feinberg told CNN, “I [was being] fed questions top-down. I [didn’t] have the opportunity to develop my own stories, or my own leads. I [was] being told, ‘you will ask this, you will cover this.’ For instance, after the gas attack in Syria — that horrible sarin gas attack — I was asked to put questions to the White House that framed the issue in such a way that made it seem like the attack didn’t happen — that it was staged.”

Feinberg then went on to discuss how Sputnik was in fact pushing the Seth Rich story, saying, “[Sputnik] pushed the Seth Rich lie. Places on the right and Sputnik were pushing the idea that he was the one who leaked all of those emails to WikiLeaks. And the reason that Sputnik is so invested in this and that RT is so invested, is because if this guy who they claim had more access to everyone’s email than the I.T. guy, even though he was just an election data analyst. If he did it, then Russia wasn’t involved. That’s why they are so invested.”

So the question to ask is, “why both Trump and Putin appear to have been trying so hard to create this false narrative if, like those on the right want to believe, there was no collusion that took place between Trump and Putin in order to help sway the election?”.