Trump Attacks Congress For Forcing Him to Sign Russia Sanction Bill


Last month was a big one for lawmakers who were hoping to prevent President Trump from taking his friendly relationship with Vladimir Putin and the Russians too far. In a staggering show of bipartisanship, the House of Representatives voted to increase sanctions on Russia as punishment for their 2016 election meddling, by a 419-3 margin. This came after a similar 98-2 vote in the Senate.

What this bill did was show Russia that even if the President seems to want to forget about their attack on one of the hallmarks of our democracy — free, unhindered elections — the Legislative branch can trump the Executive branch when overwhelming support is behind them. This was no more apparent just yesterday, when the President was pretty much forced to sign the bill into law, increasing sanctions on Russia along with North Korea and Iran. Immediately following the signing, however, he decided to issue a letter saying that the bill was ‘unconstitutional’ and that he hopes that Congress won’t try and hinder his ambitions for stronger, friendlier ties to the Kremlin.

Then this morning, just after 8AM, the President did something which could be described as unpatriotic. He attacked the the very lawmakers who voted overwhelmingly in favor of punishing Russia, for their attack on the United States last year, and he did it all via Twitter.

“Our relationship with Russia is at an all-time & very dangerous low. You can thank Congress, the same people that can’t even give us HCare!” Trump tweeted.

In a move which basically shows that he signed a bill into law that he didn’t agree with, the President of the United States of America has just sided with a nation who attacked us, our freedoms and our democratic process, over pretty much the entire Legislative branch.