Watch As Vicente Fox Drops The F-Bomb Live on CNN Moments Ago


Back in February of last year, you may recall former Mexican President Vicente Fox making headlines during an exclusive interview by Fusion’s Jorge Ramos about then-candidate Donald J. Trump. Fox used some choice language as he exclaimed, “I declare, I am not going to pay for the f*cking wall, he should pay for it!”

Since that time, Fox has seemingly become a social media star of his own with 789,000 followers, as he continues to lash out at President Trump, both in Spanish and English on at least a weekly basis. Today, that lashing was taken up a notch, this time on live television, as he spoke to CNN host, Alisyn Camerota.  Camerota asked Fox:

“Do you think that the President of Mexico should have been more forceful and said ‘It [paying for the border wall] is never going to happen’?”

“Well you can use my words ‘We’ll never pay for that F*cking wall’ or f-wall. That makes it more clear, but it still, who can think about a country paying for a wall that’s going to be built in the neighbors’ territory, or why should Mexico pay for the wall, what’s the reason? We don’t need a wall,” Fox stated on the live cable broadcast just moments ago.

The interview which can be seen below shows that CNN’s Camerota was a bit embarrassed by the tirade, but blew it off in the segment’s closing remarks.

“I apologize to our morning audience for the salty language this morning. Perhaps I should have taken that offer for the 5-second delay,” Camerota joked.

Regardless of the language, Fox clearly is upset as Trump continues to attack the nation he once led, and will in all likelihood continue the choice language directed towards President Trump.