Eric Trump Ignorantly Attacks Twitter for Censoring His Tweets


If you are a frequent Twitter user like me, then you probably know that, from time to time, you may see a warning for certain tweets that reads as follows:

“This Tweet is not available because it includes potentially sensitive content.”

By default, Twitter blocks users from seeing content that is deemed by the company to be “sensitive” in nature. For example, violent images, sexually explicit content, or something that goes against Twitter’s media content policies can be put behind this “Sensitive Content” curtain. This option of blocking sensitive content, however, can easily be turned off by visiting the “Settings and privacy” section of your profile.

Apparently President Trump’s son, Eric Trump, is not very familiar with these Twitter policies, or he simply has a short fuse and can be set off by even the smallest of problems in his life.

Just yesterday, Eric went off at Twitter, sending them a message asking why they are censoring his Tweets:

“@Twitter – Why are my tweets about jobs and the economy being censored? #Interesting,” Eric tweeted.

Fact is, Eric tweeted an article from alt-right media outlet, the Drudge Report, and for some reason — probably a good one — Twitter has the Drudge Report marked as “Sensitive Content”. Because of this, those who have the option turned on to block sensitive content, merely didn’t see Trump’s tweet.

The reason for Twitter to block the Drudge Report is unknown, but it simply may be because they have shown overly violent images in previous tweets, or perhaps merely because Twitter realizes that their reporting of news is one sided. Your guess is as good as ours, but apparently Eric Trump’s “red line” is when Twitter blocks his tweets.  If this sets him off, it makes you wonder how much sleep he is losing over the ongoing investigations into his father’s campaign.