In High School Stephen Miller Complained About Picking up His Own Trash


As rumors are spreading that President Trump may make the controversial Stephen Miller his next communications director, many are questioning if Trump is just setting himself up to have to fire yet another member of his team. Miller, who embodies what many people believe Trump may have hoped Sean Spicer would have been, has received a lot of attention after completely going off on CNN’s Jim Acosta in a press briefing last week.

Those on the right seem to love the way he says exactly what he is thinking, while those on the left are calling him everything from a racist to a bigot, to “Pee Wee Herman with a receding hairline”.

With talk that Trump may promote Miller to communications director of the White House, his past has come under the microscope. Scott Dworkin, the co-founder of the Democratic Coalition, recently took it upon himself to try and dig up as much information about Miller’s past as he could. What he found, with a little help from a Washington Post article that was published back in February, was that Miller was pretty much the same guy that we see on TV today.

Videos have been found of Miller giving a speech when he was a high school senior, running for class president. In that speech, Miller angered many in his class by questioning his classmates, “Am I the only one who is sick and tired of being told to pick up my trash when we have plenty of janitors who are paid to do it for us?!”

During that same speech, a female proceeded to come on stage to push him aside, before he was escorted off stage by two men. This is captured in three separate video clips below.

A former classmate of Miller’s, Cody Decker, confirmed these events by tweeting:

“At Santa Monica High School, while running for class pres Stephen Miller was boo’d off a stage by over 4000 students. I was one of them!”

While these events alone show how Miller felt about himself as well as those who worked at his school, another video that Scott Dworkin posted shows how Miller felt about immigrants. In the video below, you can see Miller making a joke about illegal immigrants operating “in the shadows”.

While surely there will be many on the right who still support Miller after seeing these videos, there is no debating the fact that Miller still appears to be the same man he was when he was younger — someone who is against multiculturalism, and believes that certain individuals have more rights than others. You decide for yourselves. Should this man be the next communications director for the White House?