Putin and Russia Have Just Turned On Trump!


One thing has been consistent since President Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States. Russian state-sponsored media outlets such as Sputnik News and RT have been almost 100% Pro-Trump.

In fact, last week we reported on an instance where a former Sputnik White House Correspondent confirmed that the state-sponsored media outlet dictates to their journalists how to cover various stories, and when they don’t report on matters as asked of them, they are simply fired.

The past two weeks have not been good ones for the relationship between the United States and Russia, as Congress has pretty much forced the hand of President Trump to sign new sanctions against Russia into law. Many suspect that Russian President Vladimir Putin had hopes that Trump would try to circumvent the sanctions somehow, but in the end that didn’t and really couldn’t happen.

Now it appears as though Putin and Russia may have had enough with the man who many claim to have been the beneficiary of Russian election interference. The narrative being dictated to the Russian state-sponsored news outlets appears to have changed almost overnight. Instead of touting President Trump as the savior of America, and the key to a better world, they now appear to be taking direct aim at the 45th President.

Yesterday, RT published an article, entitled ‘Trump’s embarrassing antics are dragging politics further into the swamp he promised to drain‘. Written by “John Lee”, the article basically accuses Trump of being a disaster in every form of the word.

Here are a few damning excerpts from Lee’s article:

Millions of American voters and I were wrong. He really is that bad.

The broken politics of Washington’s near past is now being shattered under Trump.

The cloak and dagger briefings and maneuverings in Donald Trump’s personal White House staff make it resemble the court of Sun King Louis XIV.

The sackings and resignations have transfixed the world’s media and would be laughable did they not occur in perhaps the most important political institution in the world.

It is because the White House has become a grotesque, excruciating freak show that these people and their infighting and tit for tat leaking are receiving any notice. The circus and its clowns are important for two reasons. Firstly, because they represent the president, leak on his behalf and defend his behavior and twitter rants. And secondly, they represent the type of management style he favors.

For if he continues to fail at home, maybe Trump will turn his energies and insecurities on the rest of the world. That carries a deep fear for us all.

Meanwhile, the latest man who pledged to fix politics has, through his actions and those of his lackeys just hastened its demise.

One has to wonder just how much influence Vladimir Putin had in the narrative of this article. We do know that Putin and the Russian leaders would not allow this article to be published had they disagreed with it, so in essence this article exudes the feelings that Putin now has toward Trump. The only question that remains is exactly what Putin’s next moves will be. It seems as though things may be about to get a whole lot more interesting.