Senator Blumenthal: Trump & Mueller Headed for “Constitutional Confrontation”


If you haven’t read the President’s tweetstorm this morning, then you may have missed the fact that he viciously attacked Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal. The President called him a ‘phony Vietnam con artist,’ and claims that the 71-year old Senator ‘defrauded voters’. Like most Trump Twitter attacks, this attack was likely sparked by comments made by the Senator regarding the President’s behavior on CNN this morning.

Trump’s attacks just after 6:30 am this morning seem to have irked Blumenthal enough to have him perhaps give away clues as to just how serious this investigation is. Blumenthal, who is on the Senate Judiciary Committee and likely is privy to classified information regarding the multiple investigations taking place in the Senate, House and by Robert Mueller, stated the following in a press conference following Trump’s attacks on him.

“The special counsel and the President of the United States are on a collision course. They are heading toward a Constitutional confrontation that could lead to a crisis and it should be avoided. The best way to avoid it and maybe the only way is through legislation to protect the integrity and independence of the special counsel.”

While we don’t know exactly what Blumenthal may know that’s not in the public view, the language he’s using today certainly is sobering, if not even a bit frightening. Will the President try and find a way to fire Robert Mueller? Judging from Blumenthal’s comments, it appears that at least one Senator believes that’s what he’s trying to accomplish.  Check out the clip below from Blumenthal’s press conference earlier today: