Trump Just Tweeted Classified Information From An Anonymous Source


Throughout his first 7 months, President Trump has attacked two groups more than any other. It’s not Russia for undermining our democratic election process, or North Korea for threatening the United States with nuclear catastrophe, but ‘leakers’ and the mainstream media.

The President seems to want to make it a crime for government officials to leak unclassified information, and his administration has also threatened to subpoena journalists in order to uncover such leaks. For a man who is so against these anonymous source leakers, which he mostly claims is fake news anyway, you wouldn’t think he’d be embracing such leaks, right?

Wrong! This morning President Trump retweeted a link to an article from Fox & friends, which claimed that an anonymous U.S. intelligence official told Fox News that United States spy agencies have “detected the rogue communist regime [of North Korea] loading two anti-ship cruise missiles on a patrol boat on the country’s east coast just days ago”.

The report, which clearly is coming from an anonymous government source, revealed classified details of what the US spy agencies have been able to detect. These are the kinds of leaks which could in fact be deemed illegal, unlike the leaks coming from the Oval Office which indicate that the President said ‘this or that’. These are also the kinds of leaks which could put the nation in danger, tipping off our enemies as to the kind of intelligence we have been able to gather on their strategic military operations.

Not only did President Trump have no problem with such leaks, but he took it upon himself to tweet this information out to his 35.3 million followers.  It’s one thing to take a hard stance on leaks of classified information, but it’s another thing when the President picks and chooses which leaks suit his narrative and which do not.