Michael Flynn Jr. Pushes To Get McMaster Fired From Father’s Former Position


Over the last week and a half, it has been no secret that the alt-right, Russia, and many within the White House itself have been pushing the President to fire current National Security Advisor, General McMaster. The outrage began after McMaster proclaimed that former Obama National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, did not break the law while possibly unmasking those within the Trump campaign.

Social media signals indicated late last week that Russian bots were actively pushing the narrative that McMaster does not belong in the administration, while alt-right websites such asĀ Breitbart and InfoWars have been doing the same. This morning, the deluge of tweets, Facebook posts and articles have continued, all favoring the ousting of McMaster from the Trump Administration. McMaster, who replaced General Michael Flynn back in February, following Flynn’s resignation, is a highly respected 3-star general and someone who seems to have bipartisan support in Washington.

This morning, Michael Flynn Jr., the son of President Trump’s former National Security Advisor, and one of his father’s closest allies retweeted numerous messages also pushing the narrative that McMaster should immediately be fired.

“McMaster is a globalist sycophant trying to sabotage Trump’s non-interventionist foreign policy. He must go,” one tweet by InfoWars editor, Paul Joseph Watson stated, which Flynn Jr. promptly retweeted.

Another tweet that Flynn Jr. retweeted was by conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich, claiming, “sources tell me McMaster is enraged at me, and that he has ordered Ricky Waddell to conduct an off the book intel action on me.”

Ricky Waddell is currently serving as McMaster’s Deputy National Security Adviser, and we have no clue what evidence Cernovich is relying on to make these seemingly far fetched claims, if any at all.

While Michael Flynn Jr. is known for his conspiracy theory mentality, being one of many who pushed the whole Pizzagate narrative, it is incredibly ironic that he’s pushing for the ousting of the man who is filling in for his father, after his father resigned in disgrace for ‘lying to the Vice President’ of the United States.