Trump Just Tweeted Out This Hilariously Inaccurate Twitter Poll


We all know that President Trump doesn’t think very highly of most mainstream polls in America. He either thinks they’re ‘fake polls’ or that they are simply rigged in favor of whatever result is the opposite of what he desires. With all of that said, this morning he tweeted out a poll which he seems to really like.

The poll, which is one given by a social media account called ProgressPolls, asked Twitter users on ObamaDay (August 4) “Who is a better President of the United States?” The choices were either ‘President Trump’ or ‘President Obama’. A total of 28,589 Twitter users took the poll and 61% chose President Trump, while just 39% chose Obama. Now, if this was a random, scientifically accurate poll, the results would look pretty darn good for the President. However, the ProgressPolls’ Twitter account is followed by an overwhelming majority of Trump supporters as well as conservatives.

Considering that President Trump’s approval rating is hovering in the low-to-mid 30’s right now, and Barack Obama ended his Presidency last year with an approval rating over 50%, if these numbers were reversed I’d be more inclined to believe them.

To show just how skewed the results are, let’s look at some of the other poll results from the Progress Polls Twitter account:

Do you think Seth Rich was murdered by the DNC / Clintons?
48% – Yes
52% – No

Do you think the wage gap for women is real?
17% – Yes
83% – No

Will you read Hillary Clinton’s tell-all book?
4% – Yes
96% – No

Do you think it was insensitive of CNN’s @Acosta to insinuate that only British and Australian people speak English to Stephen Miller?
90% – Yes
10% – No

It would almost be a complement to call this fly-by-night polling organization ‘skewed’ as these numbers indicate that their results are beyond skewed and more like comical. ┬áLet us know your thoughts in the comments section below.