Majority of Republicans Would Postpone the 2020 Election if Trump Asked


Many people on the left have warned their fellow Americans that President Trump has taken action that has threatened America’s democracy. Republicans mostly don’t agree though, and they feel as though President Trump is doing “what’s right” for America. Regardless of how you feel, most Americans would agree that our historic election process is about as “American” as you can get. Every 4 years a new presidential election takes place, giving Americans the ultimate voice in deciding who should lead the executive branch of our government.

If you consider yourself a patriot — one who stands up for the U.S. Constitution and American values — then you would probably agree that the election process should remain unchanged. It’s simply a hallmark of our democracy, right?

This is why it might surprise you to learn that in a recent Washington Post Poll, the majority of Republicans said they would be willing to postpone the 2020 presidential election if they were asked to by President Trump.

The poll, which asked several questions to 650 individuals who either identify as or lean toward supporting the Republican Party, showed that 52% of these¬†individuals answered “I would support postponing the election” to the following question:

“If Donald Trump were to say that the 2020 presidential election should be postponed until the country can make sure that only eligible American citizens can vote, would you support or oppose postponing the election?”

Additionally, this number jumped to 56% when the question changed to include the support of the Republicans in Congress as well as the President.
Basically this means that over half of the Republicans polled feel as though it is OK to undermine our democracy if Trump says that illegal aliens are voting in the election, even though no evidence of such has been shown. Feasibly it seems safe to assume that the Republicans would side with a man who has told lie after lie, over evidence that has shown no such illegal voting ever took place.

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