The Nazi’s Are Back And This Time White Christians Are The Enemy


Last night, we saw a display in Charlottesville, Virginia, that could make even the most conservative thinkers nauseated. White Nationalists (at least that’s what they call themselves), marched through the campus of the University of Virginia, holding torches and chanting Nazi slogans such as “Blood and Soil!”, “You will not replace us!” and “Jews will not replace us!”.

The sad part about all this is that last night’s march is just a small precursor to what will be a much larger march today in the city of Charlottesville, a town that is mostly liberal. The townspeople are fearful of what the larger march will bring. Unlike the fears of the past toward those with Nazi ideologies, these modern day Nazis are not only striking fear in the hearts of minorities and Jews, but also in the hearts of other White, Christian Americans.

In fact, last night, the marchers surrounded a group of mostly white protesters who stood in front of the the famous Virginia statue of Thomas Jefferson, holding signs protesting the march. After remarks, contact between individuals was made, and pepper spray was used as protection. ย Then an all out brawl broke out between the marchers and the protesters, to the point where several individuals were injured (see video below).

While the main motive of these protesters appears to be to protect “White American History”, it goes much deeper than this. The fact that these individuals were chanting popular Nazi slogans, and exuding antisemitism, shows that race, religion and white supremacy is still very much alive in the hearts of many Americans today. However, unlike decades ago, they aren’t just fighting against minorities and non-Christians, but they are also at war with other white Christians as well — those whom have come to the realization that race, religion, and ethnicity are not what determines a good person from a bad person.

These individuals want to be called the “Alt-Right”, but in reality they are modern-day Nazis. These Nazis are not only against those different from them, but they are also against those with different political views, including other white men and women.

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