U.S. Marine Obliterates a Trump Supporter in Defending Obama


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Democrats have been called a lot of names by Trump-supporting Republicans over the past year and a half. Whether it is “Snowflake”, “Communist”, or a handful of the more offensive terms, President Trump has at least been partially responsible for the increase in hatred between political parties.

Just recently, one Trump supporter decided to take to Facebook (see image to the right) in order to attack former President Barack Obama and support current President Donald Trump. In doing so, the last thing he expected was to be met with arguments form a former U.S. Marine. We will leave those taking part in the conversation unnamed to protect their identities.

The Trump supporter wrote (please excuse his bad grammar):

“We had a p*ssy for 8 years as a president now that we have a President that is for the American People, you all attack him. North Korea was allowed to produce nuclear weapons, while a Muslim President was weak and allowed countries to see us as weak. North Korea fires 1 missile they need to be taken out. This Country Will Never Back Down Again.”

This was met by many responses, but the best one by far was by an ex-U.S. Marine. He responded:

“I served as a US Marine under President Obama, and there was nothing “p*ssy” about the man. Not everything was a d*ck measuring contest or an opportunity to show everyone how awesome he was. The way Trump is addressing North Korea is dangerous, foolish, and anything but presidential. This is not how men in his position should be acting, and I think you’re confusing false bravado and chest-pounding with poise and sound leadership. Happens a lot with you people. The man could fart into a microphone and you’d mistake it for MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech.”

“I take offense to his actions because he’s gambling with my live, those of my brothers and sisters serving worldwide, and the civilian populace. Maybe if he didn’t receive five draft deferments during Vietnam and actually served rather than being a chickenhawk he’d understand how devastating war is. I’d trust a veteran Call of Duty player more than Trump and his trailer trash, inbred, mayonnaise sandwich-eating rhetoric.”

“Have you already spoken to a military recruiter and will you be backing up your beliefs with sacrifice and action? Of course not, that’s what people like me are for. You all bang the war drum in the cozy confines of your home, knowing myself and many others will have to abandon our lives – again – to further advance the military industrial complex while assuaging the insecurities of a petty man.”

“Also, I only mention being a Marine to reinforce my opinion based off ample experience. While it is appreciated, I’m not looking for kudos.”

Quite a statement coming from someone who has put their life on the line defending the great country of America! While Trump supporters tend to agree with any “fart” of information that is released from the President’s mouth, the typical Republican has always been very supportive of the U.S. Military. The fact that numerous marines and ex-marines are standing up speaking out against President Trump, shows just how far the Republican party — at least those who still support Trump — has fallen.

Let us know your thoughts. Do you take the word of a Trump supporter over that of a former U.S. Marine? Discuss in the comments section below.