BREAKING: Raw Video Footage Of Car Plowing into Anti-KKK Protesters in Virginia


Just moments ago a vehicle plowed into a crowd of anti- KKK protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia. As of the time of this report we have gotten word that at least 19 individuals have been injured and it appears as if at least one death has occurred due to this senseless act.

Charlottesville police have said in a statement on Facebook that they and Virginia State Police were at the scene of the incident in the city’s downtown. According to authorities at least three vehicles were involved in the incident and as you can see from the dramatic raw footage of the incident this was clearly an individual who wanted to hurt people.

The identity of the driver has yet to be released but reports indicated that he has been detained by police. Images of the arrest have been posted on social media. The perpetrator appears to be a white male in his 30’s or 40’s. He was driving a dark colored Dodge Challenger with Ohio plates.
As you can see the car is damaged quite a bit.

“I am heartbroken that a life has been lost here,” said Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer in a tweet. “I urge all people of good will–go home.”