New Details on Charlottesville Attacker – Trump Supporter, Nazi Sympathizer


It’s been less than 20 hours since the tragic terrorist attack took place in Charlottesville, Virginia, but we have already learned a tremendous amount of information about the attacker, James Alex Fields Jr. As we mentioned last night, the 20-year-old was an Ohio resident and registered Republican voter. While we hinted that clues supported the fact that he was a Trump supporter, as well as a Nazi sympathizer, additional information has been uncovered which clarifies this.

Samantha Bloom, the mother of the alleged attacker, spoke candidly to the Associated Press and the Blade last night, and her comments alone indicate that there was no question that this individual was an alt-right supporter. Bloom mentioned to the Blade that Fields directly told her last week that he would be driving down to Virginia to attend an ‘alt-right rally’.

“I try to stay out of his political views. I don’t get too involved. I told him to be careful. If they are going to rally, to make sure he is doing it peacefully,” She told the Blade.

“I thought it [the rally] had something to do with Trump. Trump’s not a white supremacist,” Bloom told the AP.

In addition to the statements made by Fields’ mother, comments on a Facebook page belonging to Fields, under the pseudonym ‘Conscious Ovis Aries‘, which has since been taken down, proves even further who he sympathized with. Not only did Fields have photos of Nazi symbols posted on his Facebook page, but he also had a baby picture of Adolf Hitler (pictured to the right) and a Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” campaign logo.  Clearly this individuals had at least supported Trump to some degree and without a doubt sympathized with Nazi ideologies.  This puts an end to those on the alt-right trying to blame the attack on ANTIFA and the left.  It also opens the door to President Trump directly condemning these hate groups.  I wouldn’t hold my breath too long though.

Let’s hear your thoughts on this tragic attack and those people that Fields seemed to clearly associate with in the comments section below.