BREAKING: Robert Mueller To Interview Reince Priebus About Comey Firing


As if things couldn’t get any more heated between the White House and Special Counsel Robert Mueller, news breaking this morning indicates that the Mueller investigation is about to spread to the White House itself. Reports coming from the New York Times have indicated that Special Counsel Robert Mueller plans to interview former White House Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus. Priebus, who was forced to resign late last month, has been relatively quiet since he left the White House.

According to reports, Mueller’s main questioning of Priebus will center around the President’s firing of former FBI Director James Comey back on May 9. Mueller is requesting documents on specific meetings that took place around that time, as well as any transcripts available for those meetings.  This is the best evidence yet that Robert Mueller is investigating possible obstruction of justice charges against President Trump, and it indicates that his investigation continues to broaden in both scale and scope. Priebus’ role within the White House back in May would have put him front and center when it come to possible meetings and discussions the President had leading up to his firing of James Comey.

In addition to Mueller’s interest in Priebus, reports have also indicated that he expects to interview numerous current and former members of the Trump administration as well as former members of the campaign over the coming weeks.

Let’s hear your thoughts on what this broadening of the investigation may mean for the President in the comments section below.