REPORT: Trump to Soon Fire Steve Bannon


Steve Bannon started out as President Trump’s right-hand man. He seemed to exude so much influence over the White House and Trump’s campaign that many on the left have called him “President Bannon”. While Bannon never was actually running the show for the Trump administration, he has certainly played a huge role in many of the President’s strategic moves.

Over the past couple of months, however, Bannon has seen a more diminished role within the administration. He has also been stunningly quiet when it comes to public statements, and has almost completely vanished from the public’s eye.

Now comeĀ reports that Steve Bannon may soon be unemployed. According to Axios, other White House staff members believe that Bannon is behind many of the leaks coming from the administration. Trump has often been very critical of the leaks, rightfully so, but to think that his chief strategist could be the one leaking information is certainly intriguing.

Bannon has often said that his goals are to destroy and then rebuild our government. The idea of completely illegitimizing the Presidency might actually fit within this ultimate plan, if he doesn’t feel as though Trump is capable or willing to listen to his ideas any longer. With General John Kelly now President Trump’s chief of staff, Bannon appears to have taken a back seat to the former general.

As many of you know, Bannon has strong connections to Breitbart News, where he was executive chariman before joining the Trump campaign. Breitbart has been pushing very hard to get National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster ousted, and many expect Bannon to be behind this push, while Trump himself has been speaking very highly of the former general.

Whether or not Bannon is forced to resign is yet to be seen, but all signs point in that direction. What do you think? Will Trump push Bannon out of the White House soon? Discuss in the comments section below.