Daniel Borden Outed As White Supremacist Who Beat Black Man With Pipe


While all attention this weekend was focused on the tragic death of Heather Heyer at the hands of a man named James Alex Fields Jr., another disgusting assault by a white nationalist at the ‘Unite The Right’ rally seemed to go relatively unnoticed. A 20-year-old man named Deandre Harris​ was beaten severely by multiple men who used pipes as their weapons of choice.

Harris, who moved from Suffolk, Virginia​, two years ago for a job opportunity as an instructional assistant in a special education program at a school nearby, was protesting against the ‘Unite The Right’ White Nationalist rally when multiple men approached him and began striking him with pipes while also kicking him. Harris suffered a lacerated head, which required eight staples, a broken wrist and a chipped tooth in the attack. Luckily he will recover just fine, but that certainly doesn’t mean the crime will, or should, go unpunished.

The attackers were likely expecting to get away without any major repercussions, but thanks to a single photograph of the incident, social media has apparently identified one of Harris’ attackers. As the picture of the attack made its way onto Twitter and Facebook, classmates of one of the men recognized him as Daniel Borden of Mason, Ohio. This led to social media users finding Borden’s Facebook page (now deleted), which confirmed that Borden appears to be the one in the photograph of the attack. Additional images of Borden at the rally have since surfaced, further confirming that he was one of Harris’ attackers.

It is still unknown if Borden has been arrested yet or not, but from the looks of things, if he has not been arrested yet, he will soon be getting a knock on his door.  As for the other men involved in the attack, it is likely that Borden’s arrest will also lead to the arrests of some of the others involved.

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