Trump’s Latest Ad Confirms Most Americans Dislike Him


One of President Trump’s favorite things to discredit are his poll numbers which show that the vast majority of Americans disapprove of the job in which he is doing. The latest polls show that he has only about a 36% approval rating, while approximately 59% disapprove of the job he’s doing.

Supporters of Trump argue that these poll results are skewed due to the lack of sample size, or they accuse the polls of only sampling individuals of certain demographics. While most polls are very unbiased, this argument is completely thrown out the door when you simply look at the latest campaign ad that the Trump administration published on Youtube.

The ad, which can be seen below, has received over 496,000 views at the time this article was written. What is most interesting, however, is the fact that the video itself received 11,322 upvotes, and 32,649 downvotes. This equates to an approval rating of 25.7% and a disapproval rating of 74.3% — even worse than Trump’s latest Gallup poll numbers.

While perhaps some people who support President Trump simply didn’t like the campaign ad, this still shows that people do not like the message that the President is sending to the American people, or that they see through his claims and view them as deception.

What do you think? Are these numbers indicative of how America feels about President Trump, or for some reason do you believe they are skewed against him? Let us know your thoughts of this video in the comments section below.