BREAKING: Watch Durham Protesters Tear Down A Confederate Monument


It’s been quite a contentious few days following the tragic attacks which took place this weekend in Charlotteville, Virginia. As the problem of white supremacy and neo-nazi ideologies come front and center, it now appears as if those fighting hate are taking things into their own hands.

While the ‘Unite The Right’ march in Charlottesville this weekend was an effort to preserve confederate monuments in the South, the aftermath of the march and subsequent terrorist attack seem to be causing the exact opposite to take place. Multiple cities are now discussing the removal of such monuments, and this evening, protesters gathered in Durham, North Carolina to take the removal of the Confederate Soldiers Monument into their own hands.

The statue, which was dedicated in 1924, stands outside of a government building in Durham. The statue depicts a soldier and reads “In memory of the boys who wore the gray,” referencing the color of the uniforms worn by the Confederacy.

At approximately 7 p.m. local time, a woman used a ladder to climb to the top of the statue as she tied a rope around it. After a strong tug the statue came tumbling down as the crowd, which appeared to be quite large, cheered loudly. The video of the destruction can be seen below:

Once the statue fell, protesters are seen stomping on it and kicking it with anger. As for the future of the statue, according to the county, it will likely go back up.

“Due to a North Carolina state law passed a few years ago, Durham County is prohibited from removing or making substantive alteration to historical monuments and memorials,” Dawn Dudley, a Durham County spokesperson, told CBS affiliate WNCN. “I share this to say that there is a statute in place making the efforts you mention below difficult to move forward. I would assume that the only thing possible are steps to reverse the law.”

Should citizens be taking these issues into their own hands? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments section below.