A Racist Threatened to Kill Me For Saying Charlottesville Attacker was a Republican


Being a writer for a political news site has its perks. You get to really understand how people on different sides of the political spectrum interact with each other, while making friends on all sides of the isle. With that said, lately the perks have been greatly outweighed by the disgust I now have for a sliver of humanity.

On Sunday, as news began to break about the identity of the alleged Charlottesville attacker, James Alex Fields Jr., I published an article detailing what was known about this disgusting individual.

“James Alex Fields Jr. was arrested and booked this afternoon on suspicion of second-degree murder. The man, who is a registered Republican voter in the State of Ohio, was arrested wearing a white shirt and khaki pants, similar to a group of white nationalist protesters on hand and photographed earlier in the day,” I wrote.

Within hours of what I thought was a brief, informative story about the individual who just took the life of a heroic 32-year-old woman, the editors at IR.net received the following threatening email from an individual identified only by their email address, rek2073@yahoo.com.

“You seem pretty sure that the driver is a republican and not a democrat. You better be right! If not, you will suffer physically. No more lies from any media will be tolerated. Make sure you do your due diligence. New policy of mine- ‘if you’re lying, you’re dying’. Sound fair?

Complete email headers – click to enlarge

Now the irony of all of this, is that this ignorant human being who sent the email is sticking up for fellow Republicans, shedding doubt on the fact that a Republican would be so violent as to run someone over with a car. Meanwhile, this assumed Republican is now threatening to kill me for exercising my First Amendment right in a responsible manner.

For what it’s worth, it is an irrefutable FACT that James Alex Fields Jr. was a registered Republican. No, this does not mean that Republicans are all inhumane murderers. In fact, that’s not the case at all. I was simply reporting this fact, and this disturbed individual was so caught up in the whole Trump/Fake News trend that he decided that the best way to shut me up was to threaten to murder me. Guess what? It didn’t work!

Let’s hear your thoughts on this ignorant human being in the comments section below and if anyone knows who this person could be, please feel free to share.