In Light of Charlottesville, Trump Retweets Horrendous Image


We all know by now that President Trump is not very “presidential”. Heck, he even admits it himself, and much of his base voted for him because of his ability to appear to be more of an “everyday guy” than the President of the United States. However, there has to be some sort of line that can be drawn in the sand that separates simply “not being presidential” and actually being inappropriate. For President Trump, there doesn’t appear to be such a line.

That’s why this morning’s Twitter actions by the President doesn’t really come as much of a surprise. In the wake of the horrendous Charlottesville terrorist attack, in which a 32-year old woman was mowed down by a White Supremacist driving a Dodge Challenger, Trump was not deterred from retweeting an image that is not only disgraceful, but down right disgusting in nature.

This morning, President Trump retweeted a meme of a Train that was labelled “Trump”, with the phrase “Fake news can’t stop the Trump train” at the top. This train was in the process of running over an individual with a “CNN” logo over top of his head (see below).

The retweet was then abruptly deleted by Trump, with no trace of it remaining in his account. Coming just 3 days after the horrendous incident in Charlottesville, someone — perhaps General Kelly — must have told the President to immediately delete the image from his account. For a president, who a day prior finally came out to condemn the white supremacists who took part in the Charlottesville march, he certainly doesn’t seem to have much common sense to tell him not to post an image of a person getting run over by a vehicle.

Many individuals on Twitter were outraged over this senseless retweet, including Chelsea Clinton who wrote:

“When a comedian mimicked killing the President, I said that it was vile & wrong. This, Mr. President, is also vile & wrong. She apologized-?”

The sad part about all this is that no one seems to really be surprised by President Trump’s actions this morning. It has almost become expected of him.

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