“Anonymous” Declares War on Neo-Nazis & Donald Trump in This Scary Video


By now, most of the world has heard of the hacker group, “Anonymous”. They have previously been responsible for hacks of government websites, websites of large corporations and even ISIS. Today, however, they have decided to declare war on white supremacists, in what they are referring to as “Operation Domestic Terrorism”.

In doing so, they have released a rather frightening video threatening white supremacists around the country, especially those who took part in what they refer to as “The Battle of Charlottesville”. The 6-minute-plus video, seen below, shows some of the horrific clips recorded from the Charlottesville march as a computer voice-over¬†outlines their plan of attack.

As you can see, they also directly attack President Trump for failing to single out these white supremacists, saying:

“We are angry, angry because there is an administration in the White House that has sold its moral or ethical obligation to represent the citizens of the United States in exchange for individuals who believe themselves to be superior to those who do not look like them or follow their sadistic ideologies. Anonymous has made it clear that it will not stand by as this bigotry continues to perpetuate. We are taking a stand against an intolerant evil that must be crushed.”

The video goes on to specifically target certain known white supremacists including Andrew Anglin, the founder of neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer, which has had it’s domain registration banned from the likes of GoDaddy and Google following articles which attacked the woman who was brutally murdered in Charlottesville.

Anonymous’ threats toward Anglin were downright frightening: ¬†“If you value your life, Mr Anglin, you will need to flee the country. We will find you, we promise,” Anonymous stated.

Others who were specifically named included white supremacists David Duke, Jason Kessler, and Richard Spencer.

“To everyone else who shares the white supremacist ideology, and that includes the likes of Richard Spencer, Jason Kessler, and David Duke, you are not safe,” Anonymous stated. “The blood of Heather is on your hands. And you will pay for it in blood.”

Most of the time when you hear about hackers, they are viewed in a negative light, but in this instance it appears as though Anonymous is on the good side of the fight, fighting for the freedom and equality of all human beings. With this said, however, we never condone threats of violence toward anyone, and this video seems to be taking things too far.

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