Nazi Website On Trump’s Remarks: “This is a huge victory for us”


Never in my life did I think I would see Nazis praising the actions of the President of the United States following a murder that they recently perpetrated, but that has literally just happened.

Late yesterday afternoon, President Trump announced his infrastructure plan. At the end of his announcement, he decided to take a few questions from the press, and suddenly America’s values abruptly were flushed down the gigantic sewer pipes under Trump Tower. As the President took question after question related to last weekend’s disgusting attacks by White Nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia, it was he, not Barack Obama, the Deep State, Hillary Clinton, James Comey or Robert Mueller, who had just placed a dark vale over his short Presidency.

Instead of decisively condemning Nazi’s, white supremacists and the far-right, he almost seemed to equate these disgusting, violent murderers to those in Charlotteville who were protesting their hate. For those who want to argue that Trump’s comments were more than enough to show the nation that Nazis and white supremacists do not have a place in this country, then look no further than the opinions of the Neo-Nazis themselves.

The Daily Stormer, the Neo-Nazi news and commentary website which emerged on the dark web after GoDaddy and Google refused to deal with their domain name, had this to say about Trump’s remarks yesterday.

“This is huge… While it seemed like Trump was going to back down and stick to the official story (though halfheartedly), he’s now completely turned around and is attacking the antifa as being the violent terrorists they are.

“The Trump condemnation is one of the first times when there is a mainstream debate about who might be the “good guys” between the Communists and the Nazis. And as soon as you ask the question, our side basically wins automatically. All we need for a major cultural victory is an honest comparison.”

“This is a huge victory for us.”

So there you have it. One of the largest Neo-Nazi media outlets has just confirmed that Trump’s statements yesterday was a ‘victory’ for them all.

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