REPORT: Mueller Served Trump With a Subpoena a Day Prior to His Racist Rant


President Trump has become known as the “King of Distractions”. It seems as though his best defense against any accusations toward him, is to try and distract the mainstream media and the country by creating drama of his own. We’ve seen this in the past, and it appears as though President Trump is at it yet again.

Just 1 day prior to Trump backpedalling in his attempt to appear as though he was condemning the racist attacks in Charlottesville, by instead blaming both the white supremacists and the protesters of the White Nationalist march, equally, there is a report that the President was actually served a subpoena.

The news comes from former U.S. Secret Service “Special Investigator”, Pesach Lattin, who tweeted yesterday the following message:

“Source in WH has told me that Trump Co and Trump as CEO, has been served with subpoenas yesterday by Mueller and he is furious.”

If Lattin’s source is accurate, this would certainly give credibility to the idea that Trump loves to divert attention from his legal matters by creating new drama. More importantly though, it would confirm the suspicions that many have had, that the Trump Organization is under a lot of scrutiny by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. It’s been reported that Mueller is digging very deep into possible financial ties that the President and the Trump Organization have had with Russia.

People were very confused as to why Trump would backtrack yesterday on comments he had made the day prior. Obviously the speech he gave condemning white supremacists on August 14th was one scripted by his administration as his eyes closely followed a teleprompter while speaking. This anger that has come over the President — according to Lattin’s source — may explain why Trump decided to change his statement in relation to the Charlottesville incidents.

What do you think? Could the anger of receiving a subpoena from Robert Mueller be what caused Trump to change his statement on Charlottesville? Discuss in the comments section below.