VIDEO: Charlottesville Neo-Nazi Surrenders Uniform in Fear


Typically when one envisions a white supremacist or Neo-Nazi, what comes to mind is a militant skin-head who is looking for an opportunity to exude physical violence on a target. At least that’s what usually comes to my mind. However, a recent video which has surfaced from the Charlottesville ‘Unite The Right’ March may have changed all of that.

An unidentified young man, wearing the white shirt and khaki pants that many of the white supremacist marchers came dressed in, was chased by a few anti-Nazi protesters. Instead of standing his ground, he basically rolled over, running like a scared cat as he quickly pulling his shirt off.

“I’m not really white power man. I just came here for the fun, f*ck. I’m sorry,” exclaimed the man wearing the outfit.

“You can’t just take your costume off,” yelled someone protesting the the march in a condescending voice.

We don’t get to see what would have happened between the uniformless rallygoer and those protesting his ideologies because an armored police vehicle drove through dispersing the crowd. The man is seen, clearly relieved, as he walked away, perhaps saved in the nick of time by police.

The man filming the video then approached the shirtless, ‘barely white supremacist’, as he called himself.  Then an interesting, part hilarious, part disgusting conversation ensued. The full video clip can be seen below.

Whether this man was really ‘just there for the fun’ or if he actually thinks his race is supreme to all others, is not known, but the video certainly makes him out to be a coward. Let’s hear your thoughts on this scared pseudo-white supremacist in the comments section below.