Trump Retweets Incredibly Suspicious Bot Account Praising Him


Trump has seemingly made Twitter his main line of communication, not only to the American public but also to the world is general. Over the seven months of his presidency, he has done everything from nearly instigating a nuclear war with North Korea to criticizing multiple members of his own party. Twitter has become the number one source of information by many within the media when it comes to understanding Trump’s ideologies and thoughts. The President also retweets messages praising him quite regularly, typically from Fox News, but sometimes even from what appears to be random individuals.

Yesterday morning was yet another example of what appeared to be a retweet of a message posted by a random follower of his. That’s until one dissects the actual account which tweeted it.

“Every single day the #FakeNews media try to take you down.. You never falter, you always stand strong!” tweeted an account going by the username Aroliso. has actually been following this account for approximately four days now, when we noticed that it was almost always one of the first few accounts to reply to the President’s tweets. In fact, this account usually replies with threaded responses, which are completely off topic from what the President is talking about, and does so within seconds of the President’s tweets. This is typical among Twitter API bots, which usually schedule tweets to respond to a specific Twitter account the second that account┬ámakes a post. The Aroliso account, which only has a posting history dating back to August 18th, only tweets towards Trump, and is followed by just under 7,200 people. With a total of 51 tweets, it is incredibly odd that such an account would have such a large following. Even more odd is the fact that on the first day that the account began tweeting, it already had over 6,000 followers.

Aroliso’s account is not tweeting from a desktop, Android, Windows or iPhone device, but rather a software called Avotova 06. When Avotova 06 is clicked within the tweet footprint data, it directs to a website A quick search of SimonBravery shows a social media trail linking to an individuals in the UK who made multiple Pro-Donald Trump promotional videos in the past, which no longer exist on YouTube.

There was definitely something very suspicious about this account prior to the President retweeting it’s message. Now it’s just outright odd! I urge you all to continue to watch as this account makes pre-planned replies to Trump’s tweets moving forward, and of course take all the messages being posted from it with a grain of salt. Whether the Trump White House is involved with this account in some way, or it’s just a mere coincidence that he happened to RETWEET a message from it, is yet to be seen, but something is certainly going on that Twitter should be looking into. Twitter allegedly does not permit the use of bots of any kind.

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