REPORT: Talk of Trump Resignation Taking Place Within White House


While Robert Mueller and team are in the process of a full-on investigation into President Trump, his family and his administration, one has to imagine that the pressure is getting to the Trump family. With articles of impeachment being drafted by a couple congressman already, and many people questioning President Trump’s desire to actually continue being President, it’s hard not to consider a scenario in which he eventually resigns the office of the Presidency before Mueller’s scrutiny of his family and businesses begin to go even deeper.

According to Jon Cooper, the Chairman of The Democratic Coalition, former National Finance Chair of Draft for Vice President Joe Biden, and former LI Campaign Chair for President Obama, talks of resignation are already being floated around the White House.

Last night, after the President’s prime time speech, Cooper tweeted:

“Source who’s been accurate in past tells me there have been some preliminary talks in WH re POTUS resigning. Mostly hypothetical what-ifs.”

While the source of this information remains anonymous, Cooper has been accurate with his reporting in the past. Even though details remain sparse, it’s hard to imagine that the possibility of resigning hasn’t come up in discussions between Trump and his legal team and/or advisers in the past. If Mueller’s probe into Trump could result in the discovery of criminal activity, it might be in Trump’s best interest to resign in hopes that it may stall or even halt some of Mueller’s actions.

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