Explosive Email Shows Trump Campaign Discussed Setting Up Putin Meeting in June


If you are one of those people who think that there are too many incidents connecting Russia to the Trump campaign for it all to be just one giant coincidence, then details of a new email that emerged will only reinforce these feelings.

Last night, CNN released an exclusive report about an email obtained by Congressional investigators linking Vladimir Putin to the Trump campaign. The email, sent in June by then Trump campaign aide, Rick Dearborn, to campaign staff, expressed the desire of the Russians to directly connect Russian President Vladimir Putin to senior Trump campaign staff.

According to CNN’s sources, the individuals trying to set the meeting up, whom Dearborn was likely communicating with, was referenced only as WV. Sources say that this references a likely politically connected individual from West Virginia. Dearborn was allegedly skeptical of having such a meeting, but it is unknown if such actions took place to further the chances of this meeting or not.

Dearborn is currently serving the President as his deputy Chief of Staff, and prior to his role within the Trump campaign he was the Chief of Staff for now Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Dearborn has been expected to have helped set up two meetings between Sessions and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak last year.

All of this happened only weeks after the infamous Trump campaign meeting in May between Kushner, Manafort, Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian attorney. The email was also sent after Russia had already begun their hacking of the DNC, as well as their disinformation campaign against Hillary Clinton. Congress obtained the email as part of the 20,000 documents that the Trump campaign turned over to investigators last month.

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