Could This Be The Most Ignorant Moment in TV History?


This last month has been a defining one for American culture as the events in Charlottesville, Virginia boiled over to become a heated national debate. Dozens of Confederate monuments have been removed, and dozens more are scheduled for removal as a result of the events which took place during the ‘Unite The Right’ rally a few weeks ago.

The removal of these monuments has sparked a heated discussion within the country, as those on the right believe we are destroying history, while those on the left feel that it’s our duty to stop showing respect to such divisive individuals who spark anger and pain among a large portion of the African American population. While both sides have their points, a recent conversation that took place on Fox’s ‘Watters World’, between Jesse Watters and actor Scott Baio, may take the cake for one of the most ignorant moments in television history.

Watters and Baio were discussing the removal of Confederate monuments, as well as a recent controversy surrounding USC’s mascot horse.  The horse, named ‘Traveler’ has a name similar to Confederate leader Robert E. Lee’s horse, Traveller (2 l’s). While, the whole argument over the horse may be a bit silly, it was Baio’s quick flip to Hillary Clinton which seems to take things over the deep end.

“Do we get rid of the William Jefferson Clinton presidential library simply because President Clinton’s wife Hillary lavished praise on former KKK member Robert Byrd?” Baio asked.

For those who were unaware, after Senator Byrd’s death in 2010, Hillary Clinton praised him. Byrd was in fact a former KKK member but expressed regret and claimed his involvement in the KKK was “the greatest mistake of [his] life.” Byrd had also endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 for the presidency, in his state of West Virginia.

It is almost unbelievable that those on the right continue to try and bring up Hillary Clinton every chance that they get, even if the topic they are discussing has no relation what-so-ever to the former Secretary of State. Is this one of the most ignorant moments in television history? I’m not sure, but it has to rank pretty close to the top. Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments section below.