White House Frantically Removed Gorka’s Security Clearance on Night He Was Ousted


It may seem like an eternity ago, but it’s been just four days since White House deputy assistant, Sebastian Gorka claimed to have resigned from his position under President Trump. Gorka, who has been under fire, following the Charlottesville attack, for his ties to a Nazi-affiliated group in Turkey, abruptly left the White House, while the White House claimed he did not resign.

Last night new emails leaked from the White House, which were obtained by MSNBC. Those emails show that more than an hour prior to the news of Gorka’s departure breaking, there had been multiple emails sent from the White House to the Secret Service. The first was sent at 6:45 PM on Friday night with the title “STAFF DO NOT ADMIT”. The email read:

“Please notify officers of the following staff DNA: Sebastian L Gorka (EOP – Blue Pass Holder)”

The order to bar Gorka came while he was offsite, therefore he was still holding his Blue Pass, which permitted access to secure locations. This seemed to be an urgent concern for both the White House and the Secret Service as a secondĀ email came from the White House only 29 minutes later.

“Mr. Gorka is more than likely still in possession of his PIV and the WH pass, as his DNA status was performed without him being on complex,” read the second email at 7:14 PM.

While these emails may seem somewhat normal, following the departure of an assistant to the President, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes offered quite a different narrative on his show last night.

“We spoke with two former White House staff members who said an email like this is not remotely normal, saying they had never seen a directive like this for an employee who was voluntarily departing,” Hayes said.

Clearly it doesn’t appear as if Gorka resigned, and instead all the signs indicate that he was fired abruptly, and those seeking his removal had feared that sensitive information should no longer be in his possession. Let’s hear your thoughts on Gorka’s removal in the comments section below.