Gorka Appears to Give Away Top Secret Military Info on ‘Fox & Friends’


By now you likely are aware that former White House Deputy Assistant, Sebastian Gorka left his job on what appears to be less than desired terms. While Gorka claims he has resigned, internal letters between the White House and the Secret Service point in a direction which suggests he was actually fired. In fact, the White House had emailed the Secret Service twice within 30 minutes on Friday to make sure Gorka no longer had his security clearance. Such actions by the White House suggests they may be afraid that Gorka could begin leaking information about the President or about top secret initiatives that the administration may be a part of.

It now seems¬†as if these worries may have been warranted, as Sebastian Gorka appears to have just divulged top secret information pertaining to the United States’ plans regarding North Korea, on the show ‘Fox & Friends’. When asked about yesterday’s North Korean missile tests over Japan, Gorka stated the following:

“I’m not at liberty to talk about the discussions we had with South Korea when I was inside the White House. But missile defense is a topic that, of course, came up with the government of South Korea. But, there are many other options, Brian, as well. Also, on the more covert side of things, you have seen a lot of missile tests fail. Most tests actually fail. Sometimes there may be reasons beyond just incompetence by North Korea.

It appears as if Gorka suggested that the United States and their allies are somehow interfering with the tests, causing recent launch failures of North Korean missiles. While such action is not unexpected by the military, as they try and calm tensions on the Korean peninsula, Gorka’s suggestion this morning appears to have just shed light on what’s likely a top secret military endeavor. Gorka’s full interview with Fox & Friends can be seen below:

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