Social Media Explodes At Melania Trump’s Choice of Shoes As She Heads to Texas


As Texas comes off of what may have been its worst natural disaster in over 100 years, America seems to be coming together in order to help out. Hundreds of Americans have donated to relief efforts, brought their boats to areas affected the most in order to help rescue crews, and shown support in numerous other ways.

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has also spent the last few days tweeting about the storm almost obsessively. Trump has held off on visiting the Texas coast, as the storm continued to drench the area, but today, as the weather let up, the President and First Lady paid a visit to Corpus Christi, Texas to survey the damage.

While the attention should have been on the people of Texas, many of whom had lost their homes, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook concentrated on the First Lady’s choice of footwear as she boarded Marine One to hop on board Air Force One for this morning’s trip to Corpus Christi.

As Melania Trump exited the White House onto the Southern lawn, to board the President’s chopper, she was seen wearing 6-inch stiletto heals. Immediately critics began to question her choice of footwear, especially¬†given the fact that she was on her way to survey Hurricane flood damage.

“Hey, Michelle Obama wore pumps to Trumps Inauguration, maybe Melania thought that is what you wear to all horrible disasters?” tweeted James Forde.

“(Melania wobbles into shelter in 6-inch heels) ‘I here help. I bring you perfumes and chocolates'”, “tweeted Jeff Dwek.

“Imagine you’d lost everything in a flood and then Melania Trump descended from her golden apartment to come and squint at you,” tweeted Damien Owens.

“And here we have Melania Trump modeling what NOT to wear to a hurricane: 5-inch stilettos. How out of touch can you be?” tweeted Holly O’Reilly.

“I’m confused. Is Melania flying Marine One or is there a Top Gun reunion in Texas?” tweeted ‘EmperorTrump’.

Melania Trump’s office provided the press with a few brief remarks on the criticism, saying, “It’s sad that people are worried about her shoes during a natural disaster”.

To Melania’s credit, whether it was provoked by public outcry or not, she did change her outfit once on Air Force One, emerging in Texas with sneakers and more casual attire on. What do you think? Was Melania’s outfit she wore this morning a slap in the face to Texas hurricane victims, or is it a bunch of unnecessary criticism? Let us know in the comments section below.