Trump Names Ex-Dean of College Busted for Fraud to Run Fraud Office


Since President Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States, some of his cabinet appointees have been odd choices. So it comes as no surprise that the Trump Administration just named Julian Schmoke to head up the Department of Education’s enforcement unit.

This may seem like an odd selection, given the fact that Schmoke had previously worked as an associate program dean for DeVry’s college of engineering and information sciences. DeVry University agreed to pay a $100 million settlement last year after the FTC charged the University with running false advertisements on several occasions. The settlement in essence was an agreement that prevented any criminal or civil charges from potentially moving forward.

Schmoke will be in charge of running the enforcement unit for the government which was created in 2016 to help with the response time and efficiency of allegations made against educational institutions in relation to illegal actions. In other words, Schmoke will be in charge of leading a department looking to respond to and act on fraud allegations against colleges and universities.

This seems a bit ironic considering that Schmoke once worked as an associate dean for a school that was accused of doing just that. What do you think? Was Schmoke be a good choice for this job? Discuss in the comments section below.