Benjamin Wittes Hints At Massive Trump Bombshell Today


If you have been following the whole Trump/Russia saga for more than only a couple of days, then you are likely familiar with the name Benjamin Wittes. Wittes, a James Comey friend and confidant, is known for his tweets with canons, as well as his ‘tick…tick…tick’ posts just prior to major Trump/Russia news leaking via the press. Wittes predicted the Comey ‘loyalty’ memo news days before the public became aware of them, and clearly seems to have connections within the intelligence community.

While Wittes has seemingly retired from making his ‘tick…tick…tick’ tweets, he continues to express his displeasure for the President, and just this morning appears to have made yet another major prediction.

“It’s going to be a long day. Buckle up,” Wittes warned in a tweet just before 8 AM this morning.

Shortly after this tweet, he posted an image of a bag that had two toy cannons in it, with a short cryptic message, “Packed for work. ;)”

Instantly Twitter users latched onto his tweets, speculating that the two canons, along with his earlier message, warning of a long day, indicated that two major pieces of the Trump/Russia puzzle may be dropping within the next 24 hours. While Wittes will not elaborate on his cryptic messages this morning, if past tweets by the Editor in Chief of Lawfare and confidant of James Comey indicate anything regarding this morning’s tweets, then we may be in for quite an interesting afternoon.

Let’s hear your thoughts on these messages by Wittes. Should we expect another bombshell or two later today, and what could they reveal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below?