Is Trump’s $1 Million Pledge to Texas a Fraud?


Yesterday the White House announced that President Trump had agreed to donate money for Hurricane Harvey relief. According to the announcement, Donald Trump has pledged $1 million of his $3.5 billion fortune to aid those who are in need in Texas. While this is only a small dent in the fortune of the President, it is a generous pledge indeed.

That is of course, if the pledge actually holds water. A pledge is simply a “promise”, and in this case a promise by President Trump to donate approximately 1/3500th of his net worth to the state of Texas. However, as we all know, President Trump is infamous for broken promises. For example, during Trump’s campaign he made several promises to release his tax returns at various stages of his campaign, and upheld none of them.

While comparing a promise to release one’s tax returns, to a pledge for a donation made during a hurricane recovery might be stretching things a bit, we must also turn back the clock to Hurricane Sandy. President Trump also pledged to donate $1 million in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy back in 2012. To this day, there is still no trace of the money. According to, “No one was able to find Trump’s donation to the fund.”

Additionally, Trump also once pledged $1 million to a veterans group, but actually didn’t donate the money until he was hounded by the press. Even then, he seemingly did so reluctantly.

So you see, a pledge is a promise, not an actual donation. Until we see receipts of such a donation, we must simply take President Trump’s word for it that he will actually donate the money — a “word” that has become quite valueless as of late.

Let us know your thoughts. Do you think Trump will actually donate this money or will it end up as an empty promise? Discuss in the comments section below.