President Trump ‘Likes’ Tweet Saying He is ‘not Presidential material’


There is no denying that President Trump loves to tweet. Usually he’s posting comments or retweeting other people’s messages on the social media platform at least 3-5 times a day. One feature on Twitter which he doesn’t use that often, however, is the ‘Like’ feature — you know, the ability to click on the little heart icon under someone else’s message to show that you take a liking to what they have to say.

In all, President Trump has had just liked a measly 13 tweets, mostly posts made by one of his family members. However, this morning, he bumped this up to 14, when he decided to click that little heart icon next to a comment which seemingly insults him.

That tweet, which can be seen below, was posted by a user named “slyn” and read, “please, after several typo’s, he’s just not Presidential material”.

It definitely seems odd that Trump would have liked this insulting tweet, especially when you consider the fact that he later blocked “slyn” from viewing his account or leaving responses to him again in the future. More than likely, it was a slip of the finger by the President of the United States. Let’s just hope that his finger doesn’t slip when he’s in the vicinity of the nuclear codes.

What do you think about this strange Twitter ‘like’ by President Trump? Was it an accident? Discuss in the comments section below.