Russian State-run TV Host: “Why did we elect such a President?”


While the United States’ relationship with Russia seems to be deteriorating at a rapid rate, the US and Russia seem to be taking opposite approaches publicly. While the United States is trying to minimize the actions being taken by both countries as they expel each other’s diplomats, Russia seems to almost be embracing the divide, almost poking fun at how disoriented the Trump administration seems to be.

The White House has also made it a point to minimize the effects of Russia’s 2016 election meddling, all while Russia continues to hack American interests. Meanwhile, Russia doesn’t seem all that concerned over such hacking allegations. In fact, this week, a state-run Russian TV host, named Yevgeny Popov, asked Russian Politicians, on the show 60 минут. (Russian for ’60 Minutes’), quite an interesting question while discussing the closure of the Russian Consolate in San Francisco.

“So why did we elect such a president?” Popov asked, as the live studio audience applauded.

While the politicians on hand did not specifically answer the question, one of them gave the following description of President Trump:

“The United States doesn’t have an adequate President, just an elderly, barely competent, nervously weary, fussy showman.”

Clearly Russians seem to understand the situation in American better than the 34% or so of Americans who still support President Trump. Now that they got away with flagrant election interference, Russia seems to be rubbing it in the faces of Americans, all the while the GOP sits back and watches. The full video of the exchange can be seen below (sorry, it’s all in Russian).

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