REPORT: General Kelly Is At His Breaking Point With President Trump


When all is said and done with the Trump Presidency, no matter how that end comes about, one man may go down in history as a true patriot and hero for the American people. That man is current White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

The former marine general who was appointed U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security by President Trump shortly after his inauguration, moved into his role within the White House after Reince Priebus was ousted. One thing is for certain when it comes to General Kelly; he is an American patriot, and a defender of our republic. Kelly is a political independent, not siding with either the Democrats or Republicans but rather with what he feels is right for this country. Kelly is also a man who doesn’t take B.S. from anyone, and over his 35 years serving this country hasn’t ever taken crap from anyone.

That was until President Trump lashed out at him, according to the New York Times. Trump apparently flipped out at Kelly after he and other staff tried to reign the President in following his rally in Arizona last month.

According to White House staffers, the President completely lost it while addressing Kelly, while Kelly “reacted calmly”. Kelly later told White House staffers that he had never in his career been talked to like that and that in the future he would not allow for such a lashing again.

It’s obvious that Kelly didn’t take this job because he believes in Trump’s agenda, but rather out of respect for a country which he fears Trump may be misguiding. Being that Kelly is a politically neutral individual, it’s good to know that he isn’t someone who will simply allow the President to walk all over him. For America’s sake though, we should hope that Kelly is strong enough to stay on as Chief of Staff, and that Trump is smart enough to refrain from firing him.

Let us know your thoughts. Do you think Kelly will remain on as Chief of Staff or will the two men’s agendas ultimately clash? Discuss in the comments section below.