Trump Retweets Narcissistic Hillary Meme In Middle of Harvey Tweets


On Saturday, President Trump decided to make a second visit to Texas in under a week, following what many political pundits on both sides of the isle described as a failure the first time around. After Trump’s first visit to Corpus Christi, Texas, where he seemingly bragged once more about his crowd size without bothering to meet with a single victim of Hurricane Harvey, Mike Pence was sent back down there to put a more humanitarian face on the administration.

Trump was clearly bothered by the fact that the Vice President appeared to be more presidential than he was, so this second trip was planned. Trump took little time in showing a rarely seen compassionate side, hugging and kissing children, talking to victims and even handing out food. Late last night, he seemed to be so proud of himself that he shot off a series of tweets showing just how ‘compassionate’ he really was.

“Together, we will prevail in the GREAT state of Texas. We love you! GOD BLESS TEXAS & GOD BLESS THE USA,” Trump Tweeted late last night, along with a video showing him embracing victims.

He then retweeted a couple of images, one of him kissing a child, and another with a quote from the First Lady about hurricane victims. Trump then seemed to go off the rails, as he retweeted the following meme about Hillary Clinton’s book.

After this meme tweet, he returned to tweeting about Hurricane Harvey victims, writing, “Just got back to the White House from the Great States of Texas and Louisiana, where things are going well. Such cooperation & coordination!”

Once again it appears as if President Trump’s ability to stay on a single topic for more than a couple of minutes is impossible. It also appears as if Hillary Clinton, the woman he defeated over 7 months ago in the general election, is constantly on his mind. To attack his opponent in the midst of what appeared to be a very presidential series of tweets about hurricane victims, is simply childish and deserves the criticism it will likely get.

Let’s hear your thoughts on Trump’s continued attacks on Clinton in the comments section below and feel free to buy a copy of Hillary’s real book on Amazon.